Google's New Smart Do-G-Phone have to contain a one-click motor-for-savings

We hope that Google-Mobile expertise, may result in a one-click motor-for-personal-digital-savings using the enlarged web (ie. loon project) for the creation of added value over cash parcels resolving folks financial cash needs. And overcoming the Classic Economy.


The cloud's money for your cash needs

Yes because in Digital Economy 4G3W it's predictive the construction of the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor, which heavy cash amount is disposed to serve the connection of your money links. In cashput-for-much-more-cashcall webcashmatic utility.
By 10€ parcels personalized in digital objects (Owndated Webquantums) which are yours Personalized-Webliving-Savings. Into the FED's financial cloud. In cashkeeping mode for your free disposal. But maintained as a set of production cells for organized infinite cash results, for universocial cash ressources. Under FED's regulations. It means Obamadepending.
Folks, for cash needs, just have to make one-click-motor-for-savings upon their Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W. It means an Android's App to charge in your Do-G-Phone. It means your first financial-bio-phone with your money links for your money parcels running the web in cash-sharing-cash mode at the bigger and bigger money cloud. All techs Googledepending, of course. For you, for me and for folks use. For Universocial-Wellbeing-Solution. It's the Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe. Ask Google.


Give folks a personal motor for cash needs

Yes, because we need a web helper tool, to get savings.

Because the Classic Economy it have to be upgraded adding datevaluation practice, it means something like an investment substitute at zero risk.

The proposed Gool-Bama-Cash is near by US President Barak Obama for regulations and in dependance of technique structure Google.

Ask for #obamadepending and #googledepending for Universocial Cash Economy.



Using Gool-Bama-Cash by mobile webcashmotor

Using Gool-Bama-Cash must run in new generation mobile phones.

I would like to have on my prefered Do-G-Phone a financial function to manage my datevaluation practice. For my self-creation of personalized-webliving-savings.

By exciting my webcashmotor's icon on the screen of my Do-G-Phone (in Googledepending challenge) I would be able to link 10 Euros of bank-money parcels at the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor (in Obamadepending challenge) in order to share cash production against the right to share the organized daily multiplied cash results at the TOM (Timestock-Owndated-Market). Just linking money-to-money for getting much-more-money. Yielding wealth just shifting the asset mode of my money. Because I may do shift  my classic credit asset of my parcel of 10 Euros of bank-money, into the registered property of 1 Owndated Webquantum which is the container of my timestock-webliving-savings material. Because I upgrade my economic life with the free datevaluation practice.

The all in cashkeeping mode, yeah. Because my Owndated Webquantums are just cells of cash production cashputed'IN or cashcalled'OUT , my cells into the Universocial Cash Economy.



Personal webliving-savings

The economic upgrade by the money datevaluation practice into Economy 4G3W is waiting Googledepending softneeds and Obamadepending regulationsneeds.
Then by Do_G_Phone you may personalize the bank money by 10€uros parcels shifting from credit asset into bank-financial property asset. Because you need manage your own bank-financial power just creating your own personalized webliving-savings :

I would prefer Google on it. Simple is efficient. Like Economy 4G3W.