Using Gool-Bama-Cash by mobile webcashmotor

Using Gool-Bama-Cash must run in new generation mobile phones.

I would like to have on my prefered Do-G-Phone a financial function to manage my datevaluation practice. For my self-creation of personalized-webliving-savings.

By exciting my webcashmotor's icon on the screen of my Do-G-Phone (in Googledepending challenge) I would be able to link 10 Euros of bank-money parcels at the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor (in Obamadepending challenge) in order to share cash production against the right to share the organized daily multiplied cash results at the TOM (Timestock-Owndated-Market). Just linking money-to-money for getting much-more-money. Yielding wealth just shifting the asset mode of my money. Because I may do shift  my classic credit asset of my parcel of 10 Euros of bank-money, into the registered property of 1 Owndated Webquantum which is the container of my timestock-webliving-savings material. Because I upgrade my economic life with the free datevaluation practice.

The all in cashkeeping mode, yeah. Because my Owndated Webquantums are just cells of cash production cashputed'IN or cashcalled'OUT , my cells into the Universocial Cash Economy.


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