Do_G_Phone by 10€_for_millions

Dogphone is it a phone for dogs ?

No, but Yes.

Because Mousephone is for linking money-to-money like Nokia is for connecting people.

Soppra tutto, Mousephone 4G3W (code name of the webcashmotor's App) is opening the money datevaluation economic practice to reach wealth. And the personal_economic_activity by Mousephone is making happen the new Economy 4G3W.

And that Economy contains any Animalphones and Droid_G_biophones, just after the IoT (Internet of Things).

Look at my Skin-Screened-Biofone. Is Sen.se thinking about it ?

Is it a Vod_a_fone, or simply Make_DoGoogle_4G3W_Trusting_Up_Your_Wellbeing ? Nobody knows. Because it will be or not so soon by GoogleDependingNest, my Dear.
By Filipe Alves Ferreira (27.05.1942)

How Economy 4G3W is comming

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