Android preferences do not link money-to-money

May you link money-to-money by Google Android ? Not yet it seems. Mousephone 4G3W is going alone crossing the big SAHARA.

Google and Android do not find the utility for the investment's substitute which is the money datevaluation by communication motors.

Your personal webcashmotor for your personalized money and for your bank-finantial power in "cashkeeping" mode is just starting in Economy 4G3W. Changing the world and changing GOOGLE. Because with your own webcashmotor your economic life will go up forever, personalizing your money. Because you just link money-to-money and you find webcashmatic plusvalues. Just web_baked in your finantial_fast_food.

Anything else ? Do you like some kecthup ?

No thank you. Because in Economy 4G3W the better item of my Mousephone is my tagvaporator. No, Android is not yet driving one 4G3W personal motor-for-savings.

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