What would it take to build a better mobi phone ?

An icon to go to my money_linked at U_S_A (Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor). Your Personal Webcashmotor.

Give us a bank-finantial power through Android application for the practice of the money datevaluation to reach webcashmatic gains from my webliving-savings.
What would it take to build a better mobile phone ?  
First of all : let me go to personalize my money
Then : let me read my webcashfishing position ;
Now daily : let me see if I got a cash result sharing at 12 o'clock New York.  
After the function to create my live-savings, my GoolCashPhone may give me other things, like my webfishing position at it screen 4G3W. Or my Owndated Webquantum inventory. Or what is the amount in cash results to share at 12:00. Or what about my webcashmatic value at TOM (Timestock Owndated Market), yes how much time I get by saving earlier than you. Because it's time to deal time.
Nokia do not upgrade "connecting people" into "linking money", because they haven't understand how to upgrade the Classic Economy.

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